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The Peake | Branding and Identity

Project Type

Branding and Identity



Allow me to introduce "The Peake," the vibrant identity crafted exclusively for young adults within the Chesapeake Conference of the SDA Church.

The Peake entrusted me with the task of shaping their brand. Drawing inspiration from human relationships, the brand concept revolves around imperfection and continuity. The mark, hand-lettered with care, mirrors the ebb and flow of connections in our lives. It embraces imperfections, portraying the beauty found in flexibility and the interweaving of relationships.

This brand isn't about perfection; it's about celebrating the authenticity of connections.

The voice of The Peake is a symphony of vibrancy, happiness, and upliftment. Picture it as a conversation that's not only witty and friendly but also provides a safe and welcoming space.

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