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Camp Ministries | Branding and Identity

Project Type

Branding and Identity



This project was to create a brand for the Camp Ministries department at the Chesapeake Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The task was to design a logo that could serve both the department and its two sub-brands: FLAG - Fun Learning About God, and Mt. Aetna Summercamp.

The challenge was to ensure that all three logos shared a consistent look while representing different activities. The parent brand reflects the department's values, while FLAG focuses on fun and education for kids, and Mt. Aetna Summercamp emphasizes a fun and adventurous summer.

I aimed for a balance of uniformity and individuality, where the parent brand unifies them, but each sub-brand maintains its distinct character.

Join me on this project journey, where design meets the purpose for Camp Ministries – a blend of faith, engagement, and outdoor experiences.

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